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Hey Everyone!

This is my first blog entry as co-founder, so I have something special for you! The link to the English translation of the new RK manga!

I know you want it click this…

Do not read if you don't want spoilers!!!!!

It is a reboot in a sense that Watsuki started it when Kenshin and Kaoru meet, but it's under different circumstances. (They are adorable!!! *squeal*)

It opens with Kenshin in the Bakamatsu, battling some Shinsengumi, one of them being Jineh, and then later Saito. It closes that scene to say that Hitokiri Battousai disappeared and opens to Kenshin in the streets of Tokyo. He gets involved with Kaoru, when Yahiko "bumps" into him and pulls him into a gambling show, hosted by Kanyruu Takeda.

Kanyruu Takeda is trying to take over Kaoru's dojo, which Kenshin of course helps her keep it.

Yahiko is actually working for Kanyruu and sadly is not Kaoru's brother. He essentially is fulfilling a hostage role against Kaoru. Kaoru and Yahiko still have their bouts though. :)

What I personally like is that Kaoru shows more of her competence with a sword. She is awesome, like she always has been, but in this manga, it's more obvious.

And Kenshin is still Kenshin. Our lovable, oroing, rurouni/hitokiri!

Sano and Saito also make an appearance at the end, which first puzzled me why THEY of all people are working together for Kanyruu. But in my opinion, Saito is working undercover, like in the original manga, for the police. Sano is the fight merchant, so at the moment he doesn't care who he works for. Jineh is also there in the background, along with...wait for it...JINCHUU CHARACTERS!!! These would be Banjin and Gein.

Well, that's a small little review, but I may have missed some things, but I don't want to tell everything.

Enjoy the manga!!
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As for now,...I am the only one managing this group..and Im currently looking for co founders for this group because Im SOOO busy. anyone there who is interested?







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i also have the Busou renkin pairing by shinji yamaguchi

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